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My kiddo is 7 years old. From her school bag to her lunch box, water bottle and dresses all are branded with disney princesses. Why? She likes it!

You must Know the impact of disney princesses on your child. But, as a mother, I get worried since now her liking is slowly converting into idolizing.  I am sure there are lots of mothers who will relate to my words. Most of the young girls, are influenced by disney princesses, as they all demand dress like fronzen pricness, or crowns or bellies. May be they want to live our recurring statement “You are pretty as Princess”, or “Oh My Princess”

In my opinion, Disney princess reflects that girl’s most valuable asset is her beauty and it might lead to body esteem issues in little girls. They tend to be slim and pretty. My daughter, who is already lean and tall,said “Mom, I will not eat today, I want to have as slim waist as frozen princess”.

However, few other points that led me to question this connection about our little daughters and the disney pricnesses:

1. Kids relating themselves with princesses starts living in dream world of princely states and behave sometimes in a stereotypical manner.
2. They get isolated from the real world.
3. In these stories the reward is always marriage and to get your Mr. Right

These were trigger points for me to think it is right time to slowly detach her from these pretty princesses and make her understand why inner beauty, physical and mental health is more important than lean and pretty figures. It indeed, is a better idea to tell these young ones stories of real people, real women with substance.

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