When its ok to give home remedies to a child? Everything you need to know.

home remedies
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When we listen the word home remedies then first thing which comes in our mind is a medicine which is developed at home with the help of organic food and herbs. All we believe that home remedies has no side effect and there will be no issue if we give them to a child but did you really know that giving home remedies is ok or not?

Many parents believe that giving a home remedies to a child is a organic way of treatment and it will not harm there children but while creating a home remedies there will be some certain measure that needs to be taken care off. Many time it happens that home remedies become more infectious and increase the disease. If you think home remedies are not life threatening then you are certainly wrong.

While making of any remedy hygiene is the most important caution which needs to be taken care off. Self diagnoses is very dangerous and while giving remedies at home you will started doing that which is very harmful for you and for one you are creating the remedies.

If you are really willing to give a home remedy to you child then first consult with a doctor and discuss the remedy which you want to give he will give you the proper solution on what needs to be done. Many remedies created at home do not harm the child but even they do not have any effect as well so there will be no need to use such type of remedies.

Mostly remedies is given in cough and cold but some time cough/cold are just a symptoms of a big disease so always make sure what you are doing is safe in kids some remedies are very heavy which can harm them. Now days we have came to know with many tragic stories where parents give a home remedies to there child and it has a inverse effect.

Some time it happens remedies given at home contradict with the regular going medication so always make sure that what you are giving do not have any inverse effect with any medication. Many pediatric suggest home remedies as well so do not feel that they only recommend a allopathic solution.

You child means a most to you so it will be good if you choose a safer side in any medication.

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