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Learning, reading and writing is always a major milestone for your kids but you can help your pre-schooler learning phonic alphabet. So first we all get to know what phonic alphabet is.

So phonic is a different way of teaching children by sounds of letter groups to letter and by linking them they will learn them easily. We all know that English has 26 letters but it’s very complex with 44 different sounds and it has 200 letter groups. So for this problem it’s a simple solution by which by sound kid will recognize the word.

How can you learn phonic alphabet?

Traditionally teachers teach phonic alphabet in school by guessing technique in which they use pictures. Phonic helps children to separate letter from groups and they recognize the voice of each and every letter.

For instance, the letter ‘B’ should be said as ‘Buh’, the letter ‘F’ should be said as ‘Ffff’, the letter ‘M’ is ‘Mmm’ etc. It’s always start with small words by which child will point out each and every word. As the technique progresses it converted in letter combinations or blends that make sounds, eg. the ‘ch’ of chick or ‘sh’ of sheep.

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